Celebrated designers, Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia, born in India, but living and working in New York have been deeply
committed to improving children’s education in Mumbai.

Mumbai has always been the financial capital of India and this urban magnet attracts millions of people from the
hinterland and villages who come here to earn a livelihood.

Due to paucity of space and a high cost of living, many live in slums and their children are forced to live a life of squalor -
ending up helping their parents by begging on the streets for extra income.

Children hailing from slum communities don’t get the right opportunities in terms of basic education as public schools are
overcrowded and private ones are unaffordable .

In order to prepare these children for the future, Sachin & Babi have entered a partnership with PACT (Promise to Act for
Children Today) an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to providing qualitative education to Indian children.

Since October of 1997, with no corporate endowment, PACT has been financially supporting education initiatives and
participating in funding day-care centers for street children - As well as holding two classroom sessions a day for over
120 young pupils, and several non formal education centres for older children across Mumbai.

PACT also focuses on initiating educational programs with vocational training especially for girls of these deprived slum

In addition, Street children are offered various need- based services such as health care, nutrition, education, skills
training, recreation and counselling.

As a continued effort to give access to educating these children, 5% of each online order will go to raising the $200 each
child needs to receive academic support and food for a year.
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