Our Guide to Prom Dresses and Gowns

Prom is a magical night filled with memories that are sure to last a lifetime. We know that the perfect prom dress is key to feeling confident on this special evening while shopping for the perfect dress can be challenging. In Sachin & Babi's complete guide to prom dresses and gowns, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about prom dresses styles, prom outfit ideas, where to buy prom dresses and more!

When Is Prom?

Typically, prom is in the spring, between April and June depending on your school. This event marks the height of the school year, giving students a chance to celebrate their achievements and dance the night away. Because there is so much planning that goes into making your prom night magical, knowing the date of your prom is crucial for planning your look, from finding the perfect dress and scheduling hair and makeup appointments to making dinner reservations and coordinating pictures.

Prom Dress Styles 

Prom dress styles are diverse, catering to a range of tastes and body types. Here are some of our most beautiful prom gowns:

A-Line Prom Dress & Ball Gowns

Our A-line prom gowns & dress styles are a timeless choice that flatter many body shapes. It features a fitted bodice and a skirt that gradually flares out, resembling the shape of an uppercase "A." An A line prom dress offers a more dramatic, princess-like feel, perfect for making a grand entrance.

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Long Floor Length Prom Dresses & Gowns

Long, floor-length prom dresses radiate elegance. Our long prom gowns feature gorgeous details such as intricate textured fabric and chic beaded necklines, making them ideal for a formal event like prom. Whether you prefer a sleek, simple design or something more glamorous, Sachin & Babi has the long prom gown to suit your style.

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Knee Length Prom Dresses & Gowns 

Knee-length prom dresses are a modern, playful alternative to traditional long prom gowns. These dresses are great for dancing and when styled intentionally, can be just as sophisticated. Sachin & Babi Knee-length prom dresses feature chic hemlines, stylish patterns, and bold colors.

Column Dresses & Gowns for Prom

Column or sheath dresses are sleek and fitted, hugging the body's natural shape. Our column prom gowns are perfect for those who want a more minimalist chic look.

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BodyCon Prom Dresses & Gowns

BodyCon prom dresses are designed to show off your curves. With a form-fitting silhouette, Sachin & Babi bodycon prom gowns really highlight your figure. These gowns are perfect for those who want to make a bold statement. Look at our bodycon prom dresses designed with stretchy fabrics and striking details for the perfect prom look.

What to Wear to Prom

Choosing what to wear to prom extends beyond just the dress. Plan your entire prom look, including accessories, shoes, and makeup. Here are some tips for putting together the perfect prom outfit:

Choosing the Right Dress For Prom

Choosing the prom dress style is not an exact science, our best advice is to try on multiple and pick the design that you feel the most comfortable in. No matter what look you're going for, we're sure you'll look beautiful in any of our Sachin & Babi prom dresses or gowns.


Complement your dress with accessories that enhance your overall prom style. If you have a simple dress, pair with some statement earrings or necklace and a sparking clutch. If your dress is the star of the show consider a delicate bracelet and a simple handbag. 


Opt for shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. High heels are popular, but make sure you can dance in them! Consider bringing a pair of flats for later in the evening.

Makeup & Hair 

Plan your makeup and hairstyle to coordinate with your dress. If you're going bold, go all in with the hair and makeup. However there is nothing wrong with keeping it natural and simple. Whether you prefer the natural look or something more dramatic, ensure it complements your overall prom style.

Prom FAQs

Prom can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it's your first time attending. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate the big event:

What’s the Difference Between Homecoming and Prom?

Homecoming and prom are both school dances but they differ in both timing and formality. The Homecoming dance occurs in the fall and is more casual, often your school's home football game. Prom is a more formal event held in the spring, sometimes only for upperclassmen attendees, marking the end of the school year with a grand celebration.

Where to Buy Prom Dresses? 

Finding the perfect prom dress requires time and effort. Sometimes there is an overwhelming amount of pressure to get the perfect prom dress. Sachin & Babi curated an entire collection of prom dresses and gowns that we're confident you'll shine in. If you're looking for something a little different that what's in our prom collection, check out some of our other dresses and gown styles!

What Shoes to Wear to Prom?

Choosing the right shoes is crucial for comfort and style. Consider these options:
  • Heels: High heels are a classic and popular choice for prom. Look for a pair that compliments your dress, but at the same time provides enough support for dancing. 
  • Flats: If you prefer comfort, stylish flats can be a great alternative. Find a neutral pair that compliments your dress or look for embellished or metallic flats to add an extra touch of glamor. 
  • Wedges: Wedges can be the perfect balance between height and comfort. They give the chic look of heels but offers the comfort of flats that allow you to dance all night long.
Prom night is all about celebrating and making memories. With Sachin & Babi prom dress and this guide to creating your perfect prom look, you're well on your way to finding the perfect dress to make the most magical night.