Graduation Outfit Ideas for Grads & Guests

Whether for college or high school, graduation is an occasion you'll never forget. It marks the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to your education. Whether you are a graduate or a guest, the perfect outfit is a must for celebrating this milestone. With Sachin & Babi's guide to graduation outfits, you'll have a ton of chic graduation outfit ideas, ensuring you look your best at both the ceremony and the festivities afterwards. Keep reading to learn how to dress for graduation whether you're a guest or a graduate!


What to Wear to a Graduation Ceremony

For Grads:

Graduates often find themselves wondering - What to wear under graduation gown? The key is to balance comfort with style, keeping in mind that you'll most likely be wearing a graduation gown over your outfit.

Under the Gown: Opt for a lightweight dress or a blouse and skirt combination. A-line graduation dresses are a popular choice as they are flattering and comfortable. Midi dresses or long dresses are great options to keep it classy. While you can’t really go wrong with dress length, be sure to avoid bulky fabrics that might make the gown look uneven.

Shoes: Choose comfortable yet stylish shoes, such as something with a small heel such as block heels or no height at all like ballet flats. Remember, you may be standing for extended periods, so prioritize comfort for the ceremony.

Accessories: Keep accessories minimal and elegant. A simple necklace or stud earrings can add a touch of sophistication without overshadowing your gown which holds the most significance of accomplishment.

For Guests:

Figuring out what to wear to a graduation as a guest can be difficult because you want to make sure your graduation guest outfits are in line with the formality of the event while also keeping the attention on the grads. With our guide, this is easy to do while still prioritizing comfort!

For Women: Knee-length dresses, A-line dresses, or a skirt and blouse combination are all perfect options! Floral prints or pastel colors are also great for a spring daytime event. Make sure you know the venue, if the ceremony is being held indoors or outdoors, and be sure to check the weather before finalizing your outfit. 

For Men: A classic suit or slacks with a button-down shirt would be great options for a graduation guest outfit. Depending on the formality or weather conditions, you could add a blazer. 

Shoes: Choose comfortable shoes. You may be walking or standing for long periods of time during the graduation ceremony or party so comfort is key here. Elegant Wedges, chic flats, or lower heels are all great options for women, while men should mainly stick to dress shoes or nice clean sneakers.

What to Wear to a Graduation Party 

In our experience, graduation parties are usually less formal than the ceremony, so definitely prioritize expressing your true personality in your graduation party outfit choices.

For Grads: 

Casual Parties: For more relaxed casual festivities, midi dresses, jumpsuits, or a chic short dress are all great options. Bright spring colors and elegant floral patterns are all grad party outfit looks to try out. 

Semi-Formal Parties: If your grad party is in a more formal setting, cocktail dresses or sleek midi dresses will be perfect for the celebration. Pair with statement jewelry, an elegant clutch and heels to complete the grad party look.

For Guests: 

Styling a look for a more formal graduation party is simple, you could even mix and match outfits options from the ceremony to ensure your style matches the party's tone!

Casual Parties: Chic casual yet stylish outfits are the perfect match of chic and comfort. Women's outfit options for a grad party include a summer dress or a trendy blouse and jeans, while men can choose chinos and a casual polo shirt.

Semi-Formal Parties: A stylish dress or a skirt and blouse would be great options for guests at a semi-formal graduation party. Men should stick with dress pants with a nice shirt or even a blazer for a polished appearance or if the weather is cooler.

Graduation Style FAQs

How Long Should a Graduation Gown Be?

Graduation gowns should fall between your knee and mid-calf, but the length can vary depending on your school's requirements. Just make sure that the gown is not too short or excessively long. If your gown is too short, it won't adequately cover your clothes. If it's too long, it may be difficult to walk in. Graduation gowns are meant to lay elegantly over your outfit.


Do Graduation Dresses Have to Be White?

Some schools have a tradition of wearing white dresses for graduation, but this is definitely NOT a universal rule. You have the freedom to choose a dress in a color that you love! Though rare - just make sure it aligns with any guidelines your school might set. Light or pastel colors can be perfect options for the spring. Neutrals are essential if you want to avoid clashing with your school's colors. But, at the end of the day, you can never go wrong with classic white or black attire.


Where to Buy Graduation Dresses?

Graduation dress or outfit shopping can be a daunting task, especially in the busy weeks leading up to graduation with party and trip planning for guests, or finishing out finals or other graduation requirements for grads. With Sachin & Babi's collection of grad dresses, we're confident you'll find a graduation look you'll love. Shop the graduation collection today!

Whether you're a grad or a guest, choosing what to wear to a graduation ceremony or party doesn't have to be daunting. With Sachin & Babi's graduation outfit ideas, you'll be well-prepared to celebrate this milestone in style and comfort. Congrats Graduates!