Sachin and Babi met as students at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where they were instant friends. The two were cut from the same cloth, bonding over their common interests, ambitions and upbringing in India. Friendship grew into love, and soon after, a company. Together, Sachin and Babi built a design and embroidery business, working for top houses including Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Manolo Blahnik, among others. Sachin and Babi were one of fashion’s best kept secrets behind-the-scenes, until they set out on their own. 

Driven by a commitment to incredible craftsmanship and a desire to connect with customers, Sachin and Babi launched our brand. By owning a family-run factory in Mumbai, we are able to control the design and production process from start to finish, cutting out the middlemen. The result: extraordinary clothing and accessories with tremendous value.

As a brand, Sachin and Babi believe in celebrating every day and dressing with joy. Their collections are designed for the special moments in life, that can and do happen every day, both big and small. Attention to embellishment, color, and silhouette guides the design and is at the heart of the brand’s DNA. Inspired by the women who wear Sachin&Babi , and each season brings with it the desire to offer a uniquely beautiful, and infinitely wearable collection. 


Sachin and Babi meet at FIT


Sachin & Babi get married in New Delhi


Sachin & Babi launch their first ready-to-wear line.


Sachin & Babi open their flagship store on Madison Avenue.


Sachin & Babi are inducted into the Council of Fashion Designer of America.


Sachin & Babi introduce their fashion jewelry line.


Sachin & Babi present their first Bridal collection.


Sachin & Babi introduce Ahluwalia, a designer label developed exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue.