Revamp Your Basics

Revamp Your Basics  

The key pieces that need an upgrade before heading into the new year. 

The Blouse 


Camille Blouse | $216

An ever-green blouse that can be worn with fitted jeans, slacks, or a nice pencil skirt is a closet must-have. Stick to colors that can pair back to an array of items in your wardrobe, i.e. black, navy, or grey. The bonus about our Camille Blouse is the detachable organza overlay — now you have a simple silk cami underneath to layer with a tailored blazer. 

The LBD 


Adeline Dress | $383

The little black dress has been mentioned through history as a crucial garment on a woman's clothing rack. It's great for last minute plans that require a little extra effort, or a date night with someone special. The Adeline Dress is a shift dress that flatters every figure, while exuding your natural femininity. 

The Gown  

 Tomasino Gown | $550

One gown, worn a hundred different ways. Most women fear wearing a gown twice as it may be too recognizable, but the key is to aim for a dress with minimal details that can be worn with a shawl, coat, or cape. (Include the attached images here) The Tosamino Gown fits the body and makes just the right statement.